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At the Maryland Reentry Resource Center, we rely on the invaluable support of employers like you.


Bottom line reasons why employers should hire ex-offenders

Hiring Incentives:  Returning citizens are accustomed to hard work.  Most are are grateful for an opportunity to earn a living.   They often believe they have something to prove to their families, employers and communities.  Additionally, there are bottom line incentives to employees who hire former inmates. Substantial tax credits are available for hiring returning citizens, such as the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Some states even provide partial wage reimbursement, additional tax credits, and other training funds for employers who hire ex-offenders.

Employers who hire returning citizens might also be eligible to obtain a free fidelity bond funded by the federal government to protect them against employee dishonesty or theft. 

Employee Reliability:  High employee turnover rates can substantially hurt business productivity and growth.  Returning citizens have far fewer options than conventional employees. Due to the scarcity of opportunities, many employers that hire them have lower turnover than with conventional hires.

Economic Impact: Employers can make a considerable difference in transforming a criminal liability into a community asset. Unemployed ex-offenders are at a greater risk of re-offending compared to employed ex-offenders. Many ex-offenders turn to crime and return to jail (recidivism) because they can’t find a job paying a livable wage. According to the VERA institute of Justice, the U.S. spends nearly 40 billion a year to house inmates. The average cost per state to house one inmate is 31,286 per year. But if that one ex-offender gets a job instead of returning to prison, he or she now contributes to the economy by more than $10,000 a year, according to a Baylor University study.



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